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Frequently Asked Questions

No, purchasing likes doesn’t get you banned or suspended on Instagram. It is an entirely safe and legal practice. Moreover, Instagram’s algorithm and terms of usage also wholly agree with the purchase of Instagram likes. Millions of Instagram users buy Instagram followers and likes to achieve quick fame and success.

Absolutely, InstaBoost is a legit and authentic website. In fact, Forbes magazine has declared InstaBoost the best possible option for buying Instagram followers and likes at affordable rates. You can also see hundreds of outstanding testimonials on the website, which will convince you about the legitimacy of

Yes. It is possible to divide likes on different posts while buying Instagram likes. You just need to specify the website you purchase Instagram likes from regarding your particular demands. They will probably devise a unique plan per your requirements and get you started on the journey of success.

Currently, millions of Instagram influencers and brands are involved in a cut-throat contest to be noticed by the masses. If you think that believing in your Instagram account’s organic growth will make you stand out, then you are sadly wrong. Buying likes for your Instagram posts has become a necessary practice now. It helps you get quickly noticed and become the talk of the town.

Yes. If someone’s target audience belongs to a particular geographical region. i.e., it is entirely possible to buy followers and likes in Australia. You can trust for providing completely active and real Instagram followers and likes from Australians. This will give a boost to your Instagram brand and also increase your Instagram reach.

Yes. You can purchase any amount of likes for your Instagram posts. There is no specific limit to buying Instagram likes and followers.

There has not been a sole case of Instagram likes dropping after making a purchase from However, if such a situation occurs surprisingly, you don’t need to worry as InstaBoost provides complete followers and likes refill guarantee. After submitting your complaint, your likes will be automatically refilled in less than a day.

It may seem unrealistic, but a majority of the celebrities have purchased or regularly purchase Instagram likes for their posts. This makes them get on everyone’s radar and spread their influence further to the masses. It has become increasingly significant for celebrities to have a high amount of Instagram likes and followers as it directly influences their careers.

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