Instagram is a social networking platform used to share pictures and acts as an excellent vessel for promoting services and brands. The rapid technological advancements have quickly put Instagram on the money-making horizon, as now people are using it to attract like-minded individuals and form a community.

Instagram provides impressive filters and easy engagement, which is why marketing one’s content has never been more accessible before. This platform is widely used throughout the whole world. According to a June 2021 survey, 13,010,000 Australians (i.e., 50.1% of the total Australian population) are avid users of Instagram. Moreover, most of these users are women (i.e., 58.6%). It was also discovered that the largest group of users belonged to the age span of 25-34 years.

As Australians are friendly and adventurous people, the visual focus of Instagram provides them with an excellent opportunity to attract new followers, share their daily lives with them and earn money because of high engagement. The truly unique nature of Australians makes Instagram a perfect platform for them to add value to their brand and showcase their worth.

Why Should One Look For The Best Time To Post On Instagram in Australia?

Although Instagram provides its Australian influencers with the best chance to be prominent to their potential and existing clients, still an important question arises in this regard, i.e., what is the best time to post on Instagram in Australia?

But first, it is significant to understand why looking for the best time to post Australian content is essential? When you post something on your Insta feed, you aim to catch the attention of the most audience to achieve the most reactions and approaches to your post. However, numerous Instagram influencers are now making content in bulk, thus making it difficult for someone to stand out.

Finding the best time for posting content on Instagram in Australia means determining when most of your followers are active on the platform and willing to interact.

Knowing the best time to pitch your content to the Australian audience can change your game. Why do you ask? Think about the slight alterations in your daily mood and routine that influence your online behavioral pattern. Whenever we get bored instantly, our hands reach out to our phones for a quick scroll on the Instagram feed. We must understand that it is the same for our concerned audience.

Hence, knowing the routines of your targeted Australian audience and noting down when they get free for viewing, and carefully paying attention to your Instagram post can result in a high engagement rate and a whopping amount of followers. Therefore, it can be concluded that the engagement rate in Australia directly depends upon how Australians live their daily lives.

After comprehending all these factors and choosing the best time to post your content on Instagram from Australia, you can make your video or post quickly viral. To do so, you must also understand the Instagram algorithm and other factors involved. This way, you would track the right time most Australians will engage with your talented content.

Find the Ideal Time to Post on Instagram Australia

The mistake made by most Australian influencers is posting content at random hours and then whining about why their eye-catching posts have low engagement. One must understand that whether you post funny reels on your Instagram account or have a business brand marketing its products on the platform, you must track when most Aussies engage with your posts so that you can go viral.

No matter how incredible your video quality is or how much effort you put into making it, you won’t get anywhere if you post your content at the wrong times. Knowing your regional audience is pivotal, i.e., tracking when most Australians sleep, go to work, are busy, or are online.

Luckily, you don’t have to involve in this extensive research as we have done the hard work for you. You may have seen many blogs featuring the best times to post on social media overall. But, do you want to know about the best time to post on Instagram in Australia? The golden Australian time that promises the most Instagram engagement rate is 8-9 PM (Sydney official time). The majority of the prominent Australian influencers use this time to post and get bazillion likes and re-shares instantly.

Use Insights to Track the Optimal Times on Instagram in Australia

If you are an Australian creator running an Instagram account, you should track your audience before posting any content so that the maximum audience. Similarly, all seller accounts on Instagram should also gain valuable insights in the shape of graphs. This way, they can track when each of their users goes online in a day. Thus, finalizing the best time for posting on this novel platform becomes easier.

Posting on your Instagram feed when most of your followers are online is wise. Considering Australia, posting engaging and impressive content from 8 PM to 9 PM lands you the maximum amount of likes and comments. So, no matter what kind of Instagram influencer you are, you should always consider Instagram insights while posting your content.

Furthermore, these Instagram insights also manifest when which Australian city or your specific audience is active on Instagram. For instance, you run a real estate blog, and almost all of your audience is mature. Hence, your audience doesn’t require any permission for screen time and can stay up late, making 8-9 PM the perfect time to post photos or videos. You can also acquire real Instagram followers by posting ads or reels at this particular time.

It is intelligent to utilize the optimal time of 8-9p PM to your advantage. At this time, the majority of the Australian Instagram users have gotten free from super or work and are in the mood to use their phones before they go to bed. That is why this time is best to gain their undivided attention.

Best Times in Each Day to Post on Instagram in Australia

Not all days are the same. Some weekdays tend to be busier, while others comprise more leisure time. To help you out, we focused on the engagement rate of your Instagram posts in Australia on each day separately.

Below is an extensive account of how much Instagram traffic your Instagram account receives each day.

Why Sunday Is the Best Day for Posting on Instagram?

Sunday is considered the busiest day for everyone worldwide as many chores pile up on Sunday. However, Sunday also comes with some free time, unavailable on other weekdays. For instance, Australian students are generally not obliged to do any chores, making them completely free from 9 AM to 4 PM on Sunday. Sunday is considered the best day to post your content online on Instagram Australia.

Famous Instagram influencers and bloggers use this day intelligibly to attract more and more followers. Moreover, many influencers also interact through Facebook Live or question/answer sessions, which results in a tremendous boost in their following.

However, if your Instagram account targets family-oriented or older adults, you should consider posting some other day. Many people like to spend quality time with their families on Sunday and decrease their screen time to the minimum. In this regard, weekdays will be a better option for you.

Posting on Monday on Instagram

The second best day in the week for posting online and attracting more audience is Monday. Furthermore, we will also tell you when you should post on Monday to gain Australian Instagram likes, comments, and shares, i.e., 11 AM to 01 PM. This time frame attracts new followers to your account like honey attracts bees.

Posting On Tuesday on Instagram

If you plan to post on Tuesday and wish to get your like-minded Aussies’ appreciation and attention, the best time is 7 PM. However, the time frame of 9 AM-8 PM is quite promising for successfully posting on Instagram and making your content go viral. But 7 PM precisely guarantees you the jackpot, as the engagement rate in Australia is the highest throughout the whole Tuesday.

Posting On Wednesday on Instagram

Wednesday is also not a bad option for posting your photos and videos on Instagram in Australia. There is no specific ideal time, as the whole day promises a reasonable engagement rate. However, the best time to post on Wednesday can be from 10 AM to 06 PM The only prerequisite is that your content must be top-notch and eye-opening to lure the adventurous Aussies.

Posting On Thursday on Instagram

Although Thursday doesn’t promise a high engagement rate, you can still get a decent amount of likes if you post your content at the ideal time of 9 AM. You can still make the best of the situation.

Posting On Friday on Instagram

While scheduling to post on Friday in Australia, you must consider 10 AM to 11 AM the perfect time. This hour is ideal if you want your audience to interact and engage with your posted content quickly. So, maybe take a little break from work and strategically plan to post your content on this time on Friday.

Posting On Saturday on Instagram

The best time for posting your photos and videos on Saturday is from 10 AM to 1 PM. At this time, most Australians scroll through the Instagram feed and pay attention to new and refreshing content.

Scheduling the Posts on Instagram

After reading our extensive instructions regarding the ideal times of each day in a week, you must be left confused. We understand as it is so hard to keep track of all these different times on different days. But, we have got a trick in our sleeve that will enormously help you while posting your content online on Instagram Australia.

Want to know the secret? You should plan and create all your photos, reels, stories, and videos and then schedule on Instagram when you want to post them later. While going through the time option, you can choose the ideal time of Sunday or whichever day you wish to post so that an increasing audience can view and like your content.

Plus, the engagement of Instagram comprises a compounding influence. For example, when a post receives likes, saves, and comments in abundance, Instagram will bump those posts higher on your Australian users’ Instagram feeds. This way, you can earn a spot on the Explore page of Instagram, thus promising an even higher engagement rate on that post.

Hence, it is a cyclical procedure. Higher engagement is directly proportional to increased visibility, which results in higher concentration, leading to more visibility. But it all depends upon the time you choose to post your content on Instagram in Australia.


If you are a newbie, all this information might seem unnecessary to you. But you must realize that Instagram is no more a social media platform for mingling and having fun. It has turned into the most popular platform that allows small and big brands and every type of creative genius to showcase their talent, earn money and become famous. As the market is already filled with thousands of talented, creative, and innovative Australian Instagrammers, you must think strategically while posting your content to directly build a connection with your audience and stand out among all. Learning the best times to post on Instagram in Australia is imperative for that purpose. This way, your content will go viral in Australia, even throughout the world, in a short amount of time.